IT Staffing

IT Staffing

Ocius is a leading provider of IT staffing solutions to its clients. Ocius’s IT staffing solutions help clients to save their precious time, money, and energy to find right talent with skills and competencies.

We provide clients exceptional IT Recources to meet their demand for advanced technology expert. We exceeds client expectations through highly effective processes for recruiting, screening, testing, and talent engagement. 

We are dedicated to deliver long-term value and results to its clients through various staffing and recruitment services, which include:

Permanent  Staffing 

  •  Handling the time-consuming heavy lifting hiring process of permanent staff.
  •  Building a list of your organisation’s talent must-haves, then combing our network to find the perfect match.
  •  Extensive network of creative professionals and continuously work to grow our pool of talent,
  •  Customised recruitment strategy that includes a tailor-written job description and marketing plan to build buzz around
  •  Each candidate you meet will first be screened by our recruitment specialists.
  •  Manage the offer process to help produce a successful, long-term engagement.
  •  We assured to find a suitable replacement in case a new hire doesn’t work out.
  • Dedicated team to handle all the Permanent staffing operations.

Temporary Staffing

  • Meet the short-term needs of staff in Organisation
  • Fast and efficient way of handling resource requirements.
  • Providing resources as per need of skills.
  • Reducing overall cost.
  • Opportunity for organisations to focus on core areas.
  • Flexibility of employment.
  • Ease of recruitment and replacement
  • Long-term cost advantages.
  • Dedicated team to handle all the Temporary staffing operations.

Recruitment Processing Outsource (RPO)

  • Mapping the resource requirement & building recruitment strategy.
  • Customizable recruitment process from the sourcing to on-boarding.
  • Candidate search & Candidate tracking.
  • Finding and providing desired quality candidates.
  • Improve operational efficiency and quality of hires while reducing costs.
  • Dedicated team to handle all the RPO operations.